Thursday, 27 February 2014

Excerpt | Unknown Scrap

Hello My Lovelies,
The writing process has begun again. I'm feeling very creative and full of ideas, words are flowing through my pen. I was digging out another pad of paper when a loose leaf fell out. I wanted to share it.
The bus pulled in with its doors already swishing open. Megan boarded and took her usually seat half way along the single level bus. She wasn’t cool enough to sit at the back, nor was she geeky enough to be forced to sit at the front. Even though Megan caught the bus early in its route that didn’t make her immune to the hierarchy. If you sat in the wrong place you would be made to move.
The first day of term was always tense. Not knowing if you were in on the right trend, or if your hair was out of style. Or, if you were a veteran of the back seat, is there someone hotter than you? Are you looking your best? How you look on the first day of term has an effect on your social standing for the entire year.Megan sat in her freshly pressed uniform of a grey pleated skirt and black blazer adorned with a new purple trim on the cuff, signifying her as a proud senior. Her Grandma had even bought her a new black canvas back pack to celebrate her final year, which was now reserving the seat next to her for Anne, her best friend.As the bus pulled into the most populated stop Megan watched everyone troop on. Every girl was tanned and most worn their skirts at barely legal length. They claim it gives the old bend and snap a bit more oomph.Anne was one of the last in the line. Catching sight of each other Megan beamed at her excitedly.“Hey! I’ve missed you so much” She squealed, locking Anne in a death grip of a hug. “I’m sorry I haven’t called. Gran’s house is like the back end of nowhere and then some. Sometimes I’m surprised she has electric and hot water.”“Well you might be glad you were cut off from the world” Anne gave her a sombre look, trying not look like she was delivering a death warrant.As the bus pulled off on to the motorway the usually noise and chatter resumed.“What do you mean?” Megan asked with a puzzled look.Anne took Megan’s hands in hers and took a deep breath. “Well, just promise you’ll stay calm and quiet, and for the love of god don’t cry.”“Why would I cry? Did someone die?”“No, but do you promise?” Anne checked no one was listening.“Fine” She sighed, “I suppose I’ll have to if I want to hear it from you and not from someone else” She faked a laugh to hide her bad feeling.Anne’s face drained a little. “Actually it would be better you heard it from me and not one of those oompa loompa bitches you run with.”“Hey, I get that you don’t like them but those ‘oompa loopa bitches’ are my friends”
“No. They’re back stabbing whores” She raged under her breath. Anne lost her calm, Megan always was too nice to people who didn’t deserve it. “When you were away Gemma Cairns moved her orange ass in on Jamie. They were at a party…”Megan tuned out, but she knew how the story would go. It had happened before on many occasions. They’d be at a party Jamie would get drunk and start getting off with whoever was in the shortest skirt. Usually Megan would be there to stop it. They’d have a fight but he’d come grovelling the next morning and Megan would forgive him. But the humiliation from this would be unbearable
 I can't remember when I wrote this, or how I'd planned to continue it. Let me know what you think, we could turn it into a choose your own adventure of the teen drama genre.

Love and Bugs

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