Tuesday, 10 July 2012

TBR | July 2012

Hello my Loves!
At the start of the year I set myself the challenge of reading 75 books. So far I have completed less than 10 books. I have attempted many others. But I often get side tracked by something more exciting or I end up getting bored if I've been reading the same book for too long.

I won't delude myself by thinking I can complete my challenge, but I really want read more than I have been lately. I decided to start with a series I've been meaning to finish for ages and that is the Twilight Saga. I originally read these books back in 2008, I didn't finish Breaking Dawn because I lost it. Now I have them all on my Kindle. There are a few other books I want to fit in this month.
Here's the full list:
All by Stephanie Meyer

Both by Tiffany Snow

I found The Kathleen Turner series whilst looking for something to take the place of the 50 shades trilogy. These are similar sagas in the sense that they are both suspenseful with smutty and torrid aspects, and the male leads are pretty lush. If you liked 50 shades but want more than faux erotica, you need to check out the Kathleen Turner series. And yes I said 'Faux Erotica', Under Mr Nolan's Bed is better. I mean no disrespect to Mr Grey, but still.

What are you reading?

Love and Bugs


  1. does it annoy you how i comment on almost all of your posts? :)
    I'm trying to read 52 books this year, I'm on the 22nd one right now. I've been addicted to buying books, I literally can't stop...

    Atm I'm readin Entwined by Heather Dixon, but its not that good. Before this, I read the Goddess Test, by Aimee Carter. After this book, I think I'm going to read the Maze Runner.

    Do you have goodreads?


    1. and I've just put no turning back on my to read list :) xx


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