Monday, 9 July 2012

Excerpt | Circa June 2011

I found another snippet of work that I wanted to share. This was a potential idea for Nanowrimo last year. I always start planning my ideas earlier and they often start when a scene pops into my head.
Much like this one:
‘I don’t want you  mixing her up in all this.’ Gran hissed ‘She’s just a child’
‘I just want the connection. I’m lost in this age. She’s like an anchor.’
‘no. Not my grand daughter. You can find someother lost soul to meddle with’ Gran rose from the table and  headed for the kitchen door.
Rachael backed away from the growing crack of light when he spoke angain.
‘It’s not like that rosemary.’ He slumpeds back in to the chair. ‘Things are diffferent I’m not involved in that anymore.’
Gran stopped ‘What do you mean? that’s impos...
‘I’ve left it behind!’ He snapped. ‘i’m not going back. I want a new life’.
‘William.” The sympathy in her voice
‘William’ muttered rachael
They stared at each other in silent recognition.
’Rachael. You know it’s rude to eves drop.’
Rachael opened the door and walked in keeping her eyes to the floor. The embarassment of being caught brought out her childish reserve.
 This was kind of inspired by Peter Pan. In the way that Peter had befriended a human girl and disappeared for period of time. Upon his return the girl was now a grandmother and from here he meets Wendy. Except my Peter Pan is a Vampire and my Wendy is not just any human girl.
I didn't work any more on this idea because it was become too complex a story to write in 30 days.

Does this sound like something you would read?
As always, I appreciate any feedback.

Love and Bugs


  1. i think anything you write, i would read :) but yes, i can imagine it turning into a good story :) xxx


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