Sunday, 6 July 2014

Camp Nanowrimo | July Edition

Hello My Lovelies!
Maybe you'll remember back in April when I took part in Camp Nanowrimo. It's kind of like a baby Nanowrimo where you get to choose your work goal and it doesn't need to be prose either. You can use this time to work on a play, editing previous work, or even planning for the big November Event.

I'm taking this opportunity to do the latter. In April I had the idea for the Channelers series and I just went straight in to writing it. For the most part it went well, but the more I wrote the more plot holes started appearing. 
I hadn't thought it through, I was work off of bare bones. This time I want focus more on build the world and the back story. I also want to work out the pacing and how my story will flow from one major point to another without becoming bland filler. Between these events I want the reader to see the characters grow and learn more about their history. And why these people do what they do and the conflict that faces them.

I plan on putting all these ideas on paper so when November roll round I can immerse myself in this world and their lives, and finally write the story that's spinning in my head.
Are you taking part?
Love and Bugs

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