Monday, 30 April 2012


Hello Stranger!
It has definitely been a while since I've been here.
To be honest I've been in a creative rut the last few months. And I'm excited to say that I've finally climbed out, dusted myself off and I'm diving in head first.
I've been reading a lot lately. At the moment I have 4 books on the go. I've also started writing again, now that I've discovered what my creative subconscious needs.
Back in school I wrote a lot, and quite a bit of it was good stuff, but I could never understand why I couldn't get back in that mind set. Then I remembered I wrote most of my work with a shimmery pink pen. Yes! That was the cure, pink ink!
I'm currently working on a contemporary romance (it's something I need to get out of my system lol). My working title is Lucinda James. It's about a girl who didn't meet her parents' expectations and now has to find a new way in life. Of course I'm not going to give away too much just yet, but once I finish a few chapters I'll give you guys a sneak peek.

Love and Bugs


  1. definitely excited about you giving us a sneak peak - i'm sure it will be really good :)


    p.s. I bought that book you really liked, 50 shades of grey (I believe it's called). I sent it to my home address rather than my uni address because I'm in my exam period atm, so can't get distracted by a book! I can't wait til summer when I have 4 months off and can read as much as I like :)


    1. I'm sure you'll like 50 shades, good idea to save it for summer cos it is really distracting lol. Good luck with your exams :)

  2. thank you! I need luck lol.


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